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Sport Psychology for Children (aged 4-16)

I offer individual and group sessions for children aged 4-16 to help them develop a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity. I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help children develop psychological flexibility and resilience and adapt techniques to their individual needs.

I also work with parents, teachers  and coaches to ensure these techniques are integrated into the child's overall development. These psychological skills can help children develop success in both sports and life.

I offer both a general programme and a growth mindset training programme.

If you want to find out more or book a session with me please get in touch:

General Programme

  • This programme incorporates key techniques for children and can be adapted to the needs and goals of each child

  • Building confidence and motivation through positive self-talk, visualisation and goal-setting

  • Managing emotions and stress through relaxation techniques and helping them identify negative thoughts/emotions

  • Developing focus and concentration through routines and strategies for staying present whilst helping maintain a positive mindset

  • Communication and teamwork through active listening and clear communication; strategies for resolving conflicts and supporting each other 

  • Evaluating children's progress, providing constructive feedback and encouraging reflection


Growth Mindset Programme

  • What growth mindset is and the benefits of having it compared to a fixed mindset

  • Understanding mindset and encouraging children that they can change their mindset through practice

  • Cultivating a growth mindset through setting realistic goals, positive self-talk, persistence and understanding mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow

  • Help children recognise when they are thinking in a fixed mindset and help them replace this with more growth-oriented thinking

  • Positive self-talk to boost confidence and motivation using examples and role-play so children can internalise these concepts

  • Celebrating growth and progress rather than just focusing on outcomes and encouraging achievements no matter how small

  • All these concepts are explained using relatable language, examples, stories, videos and role-play for easier understanding and a development of skills

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